Tuesday, August 30, 2005

And the bad news is...

...that hurricane Katrina is ripping up the south-west coast, the magnitude of which yankville hasn't seen in over half a century.

Poor muggles. See how they run, float, drown and die.

It's an interesting thing about kali yuga: no longer is it just parts of the world coming under fire or getting doused n' soused. The nation most insensitive to world issues, particularly world issues relating to weather and pollution, is learning a heavy lesson.

As are the financial markets. Oil gurus are going into a tizzy, consumers whinny in fear as barrel prices rise to close to $80 a unit.


Blogger Anshumani said...

Why do bushistan people refer to their natural disasters by such seductive names?

Good to know that you like your roomie ... Sheets is in town ... haven't met her yet ... she's apparently busy with family and friends ... we of course are vermin not worthy of her benevolent presence

Had to remove that flickr thing .. slowed down the page loading

Hmmm ... I am going to London next year ... let's hope your theatre semester is at the same time

Yeah treat this as a mail ... :-)


11:22 PM  

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