Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Salute the Fallen

Midst the children, the families, the torn fabric of home and society... beyond the stained skirts of a god who left in a car a while ago... midst the stupidity and waste and pain--

Fakher Haider was beaten and shot in the head. One less report will get across to the world from Basra. He leaves behind a wife, three children, and a city that looks to never be peaceful again.

This is what the NYTimes had to saw about him:

A lean man with a quiet voice and a shy, curious smile, Mr. Haider was a Shiite and a member of the Tamimi tribe. Although his English was limited, he was brave and resourceful in his work with reporters. His extensive tribal connections were a great advantage in his journalistic work, both in Basra and in the marshes of southeastern Iraq.

He fought in 1991. He wrote for a newspaper. He told his wife not to worry, and gave her a number to call.

Each to his own tribe.
I'll stand and watch the sunset over where they buried him.

لن يذهب تضحيتك في تافهة


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