Monday, April 17, 2006

On the union of black holes

In a death spiral,
two black holes hurtle
to meet and eat each other.

"these things are hard to see"
said the scientist, microscope
and lab-rat on his knee.

If the biggest thing in the universe
is emptiness and gravity,
what then of this sadness, of you and me?

Lets fling ourselves into each other,
gobbling stars on the way. Finally, at last,
there won't be any bills to pay.


April 17, 2006— Astronomers have spotted the gargantuan spiraling contrails of two super-massive black holes that are on a mega gigantic collision course.

The billion-star devouring black holes are the first to be found on such a cosmically cataclysmic death spiral and may help explain how the most monstrous black holes in the universe are created: by cannibalism.

"This was an accidental discovery," said astronomer Craig Sarazin of the University of Virginia... "These things are very hard to see," said Milosavljevic

- Discovery Channel, "Huge Black Holes on Collision course", by Larry O'Hanlon.

More on this, here.


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