Thursday, July 14, 2005

I wonder if Noah ever peeked in here...

... Or the three little pigs, for that matter. Here being the Rebuilding centre in Portland, where they love the concept of recycling so much that they even recycle houses.
Those that are being demolished, that is. The Rebuilding Centre, a huge warehouse cum workshop thus finds itself filled up with bath-tubs, cabinets, nails, commodes, plywood and heaters all year round.
We were driven there one saturday in June, where we helped fill a cleared up space with merchandise for the Centre to hold a sale, where those who wanted cost-effective house fixtures came to sniff around and buy, cash or card. The Centre is also dedicated to promote an environmentally-friendly lifestyle.
Hard work, I say. Brave volunteers that we are.
And yes, the natives here DO help out at places like this for free. I wonder at the motivation. And puff and pant alongside.



Blogger A Hairy Snail said...

Yo there! hot bandana wearing lady skulking in the back! great work!

3:29 AM  
Blogger The Wizard of Odd said...

your conceptualization of hot...

madre de dios.

And the guys did most of the hauling, along with rama. I pushed here, grumbled there.

Honest, I am. Whatever else. Leave my bandana alone.

3:37 AM  
Blogger A Hairy Snail said...

you see the bandana and hotness have a lot in common. ;D

4:03 AM  

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